Quick-knit baby jacket, hat and matching pants. - Womens Style

Quick-knit baby jacket, hat and matching pants.

A majestically simple design that is a very fast point. The jacket is made in one piece to the armpits, the bodice is completed with a stitch league, the neck can be lowered or worn, for that bit of heat. The pants remain simple, with only a little detail on the outer leg, to match the jacket and hat. The sample was woven in Patons Big Baby 8ply. A replacement thread is shown below. Related Posts:8 ways to wear wide leg pants but still make you L …Cheesy Taco Pasta in a single pot: one of the…Fast and simple hairstyles that will make you look…Quick and simple knit fabric down – P113 Knitting…Coutlet Long Wavy Synthetic Heat Resistant Hair IdeasCoutlet long wavy synthetic hair heat resistant

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